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Why the Ideal Line Concept® for Spa-Francorchamps?

To gain even limited mastery of a racetrack, drivers generally need to accumulate experience from a lot of laps of the circuit. However, many of us are restricted in our access to this experience, perhaps only taking a driving course for one or two days a year, or clocking up a few laps on our own once in a while.

Unfortunately, memory is a short-term phenomenon, and a lap of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit measures 6.976 km and has 23 curves. Further, the conditions on the track change continually.

This means that from one visit to the next, we need to complete at least three to five laps before we can pinpoint the areas where the track has been resurfaced or where there are roadworks, and identify the turning-in points and apexes of the bends and corners.

All in all, an expensive and time-consuming business! This is why we designed the Ideal Line Concept®, specifically targeted at reducing the time and effort involved in this phase.

The >>ideal<< line presented in this concept should not be treated as gospel. We are fully aware that no two drivers are the same, no car ever handles identically and no lap can ever be repeated down to the last detail. The drive system of the vehicle (rear wheel, front wheel or four wheel drive), the weather, the tyres and a lot of other factors play their part in affecting the driver’s ideal line.

Nevertheless, the ideal line really does exist (see def. p. 33). It’s the line that has been taught by NJ-Sportfahrerschule and by the Duez Days for almost 5 years, and it’s the line that forms the basis of our concept.

We must say:
no concept, no theory, no picture and no film will ever substitute a real driven lap on the SPA-Francorchamps circuit.


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